Our vision is simple. With Kreative Kraft Boutique, you can be a Creative and be a Kreative. You are in control of your craft and your business - we want to give you the opportunity to showcase your creativity to the world.

We connect upcoming designers, wig makers, hair extensions and false eyelashes extraordinaires with customers, which is why we have created a beautiful, elegant, simple interface for all you Kreatives. We don’t want dealers or middlemen to control the market. We want our fellow Kreative to succeed on the merits of their own creations, and to help them connect directly with customers. We do not control the relationship between the Kreatives and customers.

We maintain the independence of hardworking Kreatives. We believe the best thing you can do for a Kreative, is to just get out of the way and let their creativity shine!

We help Kreatives to get as broad a reach as possible. We provide a platform where all Kreatives are equal. We understand that big, well-funded brands already have too much power, too loud a voice, and are too quick to seize the fresh new ideas that you create. That’s why we want to give you a voice, so that you can start building your brand and your identity instead of trying to compete directly with the monopolies. Young, new Kreative come to us on exactly the same footing as established lifelong professionals.

We have always had trust and admiration for all areas of fashion, because if you can wear it then that’s fashion, darling!

On a personal note, Kreative Kraft Boutique has been a project in the making for years. I am very grateful to see you all here. Whether you are a Creative, a drag Queen or just a lover of shopping or all things fashion, we are so glad to have you with us on this journey.

— KonniLenna, founder